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THIS SHOW! You HAVE to watch it, it's such a thing of beauty. I haven't been talking about it as much as I should on my own journal and this is a CRIME. It's so well put together, everything makes sense and falls into place and OMG the cinematography and the plot and the one -liners. It's a seriously Good Show. I love it so much PLEASE WATCH IT SO I CAN SQUEE WITH MORE PEOPLE!

Also, it was nominated for Yuletide. Yuletide, you guys! One of my favourite exchanges. PLEASE pick it up - you know I'm no writer but please please please give this show a chance and join the fandom, please please please. You may watch it all here to your heart's content, I beg of you - DO IT NOW ESPECIALLY (but not only!) if you write fic (I HAVE LOTS OF WRITERS ON MY FLIST I BEG OF YOU I'LL BAKE YOU COOKIES BE VERY NICE TO YOU IN EXCHANGE.) I need fic for this fandom like yesterday.GEN SYBIL, Sybil/Branson, Sybil/Gwen, Sybil/Anna, GEN VIOLET! The possibilities are endless!

Ok so - I love this show. You know what I love most about this show? SYBIL. That's right! And Tom! Crash course - Sybil is the youngest daughter  of someone rich. It's 1912. She's the rebel of the family - SHE'S A FEMINIST. And Branson? BRANSON IS A SOCIALIST. I LOVE THEM BOTH THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL. GO WATCH THIS SHOW NOW. So this is a picspam of Sybil because I find her beautiful and inspirational and because Branson and her are soulmates. Along with Matthew. And Gwen. And Anna. Ok, you can have the rest now but I'm claiming them. Episode Four was amazing, my favourite so far. 






ROBERT: Won't you miss Ireland?
TOM: Ireland yes, but not the job. The mistress was a nice lady, but she only had one car and she wouldn't let me drive it over twenty miles an hour, so it was a bit... well, boring, so to speak.

Robert chuckles.

TOM: You've got a wonderful library.
ROBERT (intrigued): You're very welcome to borrow books if you wish.
TOM: Really, my lord?
ROBERT: Well there's a ledger over there that I make everyone use, even my daughters. Carson and Mrs Hugues sometimes take a novel or two. What are your interests?
TOM: History and politics, mainly.
ROBERT: Heavens!

Carson enters.

ROBERT: Carson, Branson is going to borrow some books, he has my permission.
CARSON: Very good, my lord.

Tom exits.

ROBERT: He seems a bright spark after poor old Taylor. And to think Taylor has gone off to run a tea shop! I cannot feel it will make for a very restful retirement, can you?
CARSON: I would rather be put to death, my lord.
ROBERT: Quite so.
LOL CARSON MY GOD THIS MAN. I love the humour in this show. So right away win. This is Tom being introduced. Notice the pretty uniform. Notice Robert's astonishment at his literary tastes. 



EDITH: Why is Sybil having a new dress and not me?
CORA: Because it's Sybil's turn.
SYBIL: Can it be my choice this time?
CORA: Of course, darling! As long as you choose what I choose.

They see Tom.

CORA: Branson, you'll be taking Lady Sybil tomorrow, she'll be leaving after lunch.
TOM: Certainly, your ladyship.
SYBIL: I don't know why we bother with fitting, she always makes the same frock.
EDITH: What do you want her to make?
SYBIL: Something new and exciting!
CORA: Heavens, look at the time. Not a minute to change. Granny's invited herself for dinner.
SYBIL: Then she can jolly well wait.
CORA (to Sybil): So women's rights begin at home, I see. Well I'm all for that.

HAHA. Sybil's damn brave to say Violet can wait for all she cares. This is the moment when Tom & Sybil meet. Can you see him spying overhearing the conversation? I SEE YOU TOM. As an aside, the clothes are soooooo pretty. Look at those gorgeous colours!




TOM: Will you have your own way, do you think? With the frock?

Sybil looks confused.

TOM: Only I couldn't help overhearing yesterday. And from what her ladyship said, it seems as if you support women's rights.
SYBIL: I suppose I do.
TOM: Because I'm quite political. In fact, I brought some pamphlets that I thought might interest you. About the vote.

Sybil takes them greedily.

SYBIL: Thank you! But please don't mention this to my father. Or my grandmother - one whiff of reform and she hears the rattle of the guillotine. It seems rather unlikely, a revolutionary chauffeur.
TOM: Maybe. But I'm a socialist, not a revolutionary. And I won't always be a chauffeur.
One word: THIS. I have no words. Look at her practically snatching the pamphlets from him. LOOK AT HIS FACE. I want them to have a secret society and and change the world together. I love them, I love them.



GWEN: I've got a message for Lady Sybil, from her ladyship.
SYBIL: Thank you O'Brien, I'll manage now.

O'BRIEN goes.

SYBIL: Odious woman. What does mama want?
GWEN: I just said that to get rid of her. This came today (she hands Sybil a letter)
SYBIL: I knew they'd want to see you!
GWEN: Well it's your reference that's done it! How am I going to get there? They won't let me take a day off.
SYBIL: You're going to be ill. They can't stop you being ill.

Conspiring to get Gwen a job! SQUEE! You see, Gwen is a servant but really she wants to be a secretary. In episode three, Sybil tells Gwen she wants to help her because it's important for women to make their own choices of career. AND SO BEGINS SYBIL/GWEN. I LOVE these two together! I so want to picspam all of their other scenes. LOL @ Sybil hating O'Brien. She sees people well. LOOK AT THAT LAST CAP OF GWEN! She's so precious. God I hope she'll get the job.




SYBIL: Golly my corset's tight. Anna, when you're done with that, would you be an angel and loosen it a bit?
EDITH: The start of the slippery slope.
SYBIL: I'm not putting on weight.
EDITH: It didn't shrink in the drawer.

Mary enters.

MARY: Are you coming down?
SYBIL: I don't know why we bother with corsets. Men don't wear them and they look perfectly normal in their clothes.
MARY: Not all of them.
EDITH: She's just showing off. She'll be on about the vote in a minute.
SYBIL: If you mean do I think women should have the vote, of course I do.
EDITH: I hope you won't chain yourself to the railings and then be force-fed semolina.
MARY: What do you think, Anna?
ANNA: I think those women are very brave.
SYBIL: Hear hear!

ANNA! IN MY ARMS! Anna is damn smart, I love her so much as well. Look at Sybil speaking up when Edith's being so condescending. It's such a good scene. 



SYBIL: Good evening, everyone!

I went a little crazy for the picspamming of this one here but can you blame me? I couldn't choose! Look at Anna's smile in the second cap she's so gorgeous. And Matthew's smile. AND BRANSON SPYING AGAIN AND COMPLETELY FALLING FOR HER. I loved Sybil's harem pants (that's rebellion for you!). I just love this scene so much, it wraps up the episode beautifully and makes me wild to know what happens next.

That's all, folks! Hope you enjoyed the eye candy, I had a blast making this :) ♥ Please check out the show if you haven't already, it's got plenty to keep us all interested. Caps are courtesy of [personal profile] birdienl . WATCH Downton Abbey, JOIN [community profile] downton_abbey  & please consider writing for it as well!
I provided links to my Tumblr so you can reblog each picspam there - DON'T CLAIM THIS AS YOUR OWN OR I'LL SET VIOLET ON YOU, YOU FOOL.

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