Oct. 29th, 2010

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THIS SHOW! You HAVE to watch it, it's such a thing of beauty. I haven't been talking about it as much as I should on my own journal and this is a CRIME. It's so well put together, everything makes sense and falls into place and OMG the cinematography and the plot and the one -liners. It's a seriously Good Show. I love it so much PLEASE WATCH IT SO I CAN SQUEE WITH MORE PEOPLE!

Also, it was nominated for Yuletide. Yuletide, you guys! One of my favourite exchanges. PLEASE pick it up - you know I'm no writer but please please please give this show a chance and join the fandom, please please please. You may watch it all here to your heart's content, I beg of you - DO IT NOW ESPECIALLY (but not only!) if you write fic (I HAVE LOTS OF WRITERS ON MY FLIST I BEG OF YOU I'LL BAKE YOU COOKIES BE VERY NICE TO YOU IN EXCHANGE.) I need fic for this fandom like yesterday.GEN SYBIL, Sybil/Branson, Sybil/Gwen, Sybil/Anna, GEN VIOLET! The possibilities are endless!

Ok so - I love this show. You know what I love most about this show? SYBIL. That's right! And Tom! Crash course - Sybil is the youngest daughter  of someone rich. It's 1912. She's the rebel of the family - SHE'S A FEMINIST. And Branson? BRANSON IS A SOCIALIST. I LOVE THEM BOTH THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL. GO WATCH THIS SHOW NOW. So this is a picspam of Sybil because I find her beautiful and inspirational and because Branson and her are soulmates. Along with Matthew. And Gwen. And Anna. Ok, you can have the rest now but I'm claiming them. Episode Four was amazing, my favourite so far. 



Come on in! )
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Fanfiction recs! Squee! I keep my master list up-to-date, mostly, so don't hesitate to head over there if you want more recommendations sorted by fandoms. In fandom news, I'm really excited about Yuletide because some of my favourite obscures have been nominated - Downton Abbey, Lip Service, Boardwalk Empire, and even Fidelis Morgan's awesome & hilarious Restoration mysteries series (talk about small fandom, I thought I was the only addict!) . You may see the entire list here and eagerly await with me.
In the meantime...


Mrs Stanwood's Birthday Party (Poirot/Hastings, G, 20,000+ words) This reads like another Christie book, to put it plainly. Even if ultimately it's about Hastings and Poirot (and that was very well-written), I loved Edna in this, she's a really awesome female character and I was very pleasantly surprised to see the mystery enfold. Very clever.

The Wire
Five Ways Omar Remembers Brandon (Omar/Brandon, NC-17, 2010 words) Omar was the best thing about The Wire (though the show itself was kind of the best thing about television too so we're talking quality anyway). It's a simple fic, kind of what you expect from the title but I had a really good time reading this because I miss this show so and it hits the right notes.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The First Year After the Sisterhood (Tibby/Brian, Tibby/Lena, mentions Lena/Leo and Lena/Kostos, 13,905 words, PG-13) This was beautiful. I personally saw the movies and I really enjoy them because I can't think of that many movies about the friendship between artistic or driven teenage girls that pass the Bechdel Test. This fic is about what follows the second movie - I loved how detailed this was, how deep the author went into each personality and I was very interested in what Lena and Tibby were doing artistically and it was lovely to see their friendship blossom as well. Besides, the language is really exquisite at parts, which is always precious.

Finally, I hope everyone has tons of fun this weekend - I love Hallowe'en and wish I could dress up & play properly. I also wish I had more spooky recs for you this week but I didn't stumble upon any recently, which is a real shame!
Writers on my flist - wish you all a smashing success with all your Nanowrimo endeavours, and to all, a fabulous month of November :)


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