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+ This journal is semi-friends only. Fandom posts are public and feel free to drop me a note here if you added me to follow those. My personal life is personal and therefore only my friends have access to it (I grant this access myself on a case-by-case basis, there's no need to ask for it.). I recommend a lot of fanfictions (they all go on my master list at some point), I talk about TV shows (see profile for which ones) & about stuff I care about (again - see profile for more extensive overview).

+ Every day is amnesty day here - if you want to unfriend me at any time, do so, and please understand that I'll do the same if I feel we don't have enough in common.

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by fandom & genre

A Note: I'm very gen-centric. Romance for the most part really bores me. My tastes are reflected here.
deconstructing canon & making it your own, new subversive points of view & casting a new light on little-developed corners )
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A friend of mine has just been kicked out of her house with her sister (their mother kicked them out). My friend is 20, her sister is younger. They're in the Los Angeles County in California.
If any of you on my flist have any tips for them, any places they should check out, money they can get to support themselves till life picks up, or people they should see, anything, please let me know in the comments and I'll send everything to them. I can't be of much help myself, not knowing the first thing about The System and it's really awful feeling this powerless.

Thank you all very much.
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We've been here too long
Tryin' to get along
Pretendin' that you're oh so shy
I'm a natural ma'am
Doin' all I can
My temperature is runnin' high

Cry at night
No one in sight
An' we got so much to share
Talking's fine
If you got the time
But I ain't got the time to spare


Do you wanna touch (Yeah)
Do you wanna touch (Yeah)
Do you wanna touch me there, where

Don't it turn you on
Can't you see we're wastin' time
Do you wanna touch (Yeah)
Do you wanna touch (Yeah)
Do you wanna touch me there, where

I love Joan Jett so much.

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Someone remind me to make a separate post about Boardwalk Empire once the first season is over. This is not related to what follows but here it is anyway.

I think I want to talk about books more on this journal. As some of you may know, I already have a separate book blog but I think I need a place to talk about my bookish life in a more informal manner (having a blog is nice and all and I've already met wonderful people through it but I'm not sure the book blogging community is for me... it's so, well, formal and proper and apart from the people I met it's a bit hard to find like-minded people).

Anyway, I have a Goodreads account which I really cherish - if you don't have one already, I suggest you have look around, it's a really good way of 1) organizing your book collection 2) keeping track of the books you've read & plan to read 3) motivating you to leave your thoughts on each book you finish 4) finding good recommendations 5) checking out what people you know are reading/plan on reading and get even more recommendations. Goodreads also has groups but since my taste is a bit eccentric I don't feel like I belong to a specific group of readers (like fantasy readers or mystery readers or whatever).

My favourite reads recently have been:

- Soulless by Gail Carriger, which is a steampunk/comedy of manners novel taking place in Victorian London with a great heroine who's soulless (which means she can kill supernaturals, such as vampires). It's hilarious. It's the first in a series of 5 books, 3 of which have been released thus far: Soulless, Changeless and the latest Blameless. The series is called the Parasol Protectorate series. Goodreads link

- A Spy in the House by Y.S. Lee, which is about girl spies in Victorian London. It's the first in a trilogy, two of which have been released - A Spy in the House and The Body at the Tower. Feminist.  Goodreads.

- The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E.Lockhart, which is a stand-alone novel about a 15-year-old girl called Frankie who attends Alabaster, an elite prep-school and who's going to, to put it plainly, disturb the peace and rebel against this elitist system. Feminist. Goodreads link.

- Unnatural Fire by Fidelis Morgan, which is the first in a series of five novels, all released. It's funny (very funny, think bawdy humour) mysteries set in Restoration England. The series is called the Countess Ashby de la Zouche series (after one of the main characters). Goodreads link.

I look forward to reading Moonshine by Alaya Dawn Johnson, which is about Zephyr, a teacher & social activist in New York in the 1920s. It's urban fantasy with vampires and other creatures (everybody knows they exist in this world). It's the first in a series but the second one hasn't been published yet. Goodreads link.
I also bought a copy of Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, whom a lot of my favourite people seem to love. Goodreads link.

Other things I want to buy but really can't afford:

- Downton Abbey box set, according to Amazon there are audio commentaries, which is also my favourite extra so I seriously look forward to that. GO SYBIL.

- Boardwalk Empire by Nelson Johnson, which is a book about Atlantic City in the 1920s and was the starting point for the new HBO series. The author just published another book, The Northside, which is specifically about African-Americans at that time and which I'm eager to read too.

I find it so hard to find good books. You wouldn't believe the number of books I try when you see how few I finish. I think for about one really good book, I have to try (and in my case trying means buying so you see how this is going to be the death of me) at least 4 or 5. It's that dire. I still have no idea what 'group' I belong to and I think I'm actually alright with that, even if it makes it incredibly difficult to find new books to read, I enjoy the challenge. Sometimes non-fiction seems like a safer bet because I do know I'm interested in the 20s and in screwball comedies and in LGBTQ and in feminism and in humanism and in academic essays about my favourite TV shows so chances are if it's about any of these topics, I'll at least not be bored.

How do you find new books to read? How long do you spend making sure it's a book you want to read?

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Fanfiction recs! Squee! I keep my master list up-to-date, mostly, so don't hesitate to head over there if you want more recommendations sorted by fandoms. In fandom news, I'm really excited about Yuletide because some of my favourite obscures have been nominated - Downton Abbey, Lip Service, Boardwalk Empire, and even Fidelis Morgan's awesome & hilarious Restoration mysteries series (talk about small fandom, I thought I was the only addict!) . You may see the entire list here and eagerly await with me.
In the meantime...


Mrs Stanwood's Birthday Party (Poirot/Hastings, G, 20,000+ words) This reads like another Christie book, to put it plainly. Even if ultimately it's about Hastings and Poirot (and that was very well-written), I loved Edna in this, she's a really awesome female character and I was very pleasantly surprised to see the mystery enfold. Very clever.

The Wire
Five Ways Omar Remembers Brandon (Omar/Brandon, NC-17, 2010 words) Omar was the best thing about The Wire (though the show itself was kind of the best thing about television too so we're talking quality anyway). It's a simple fic, kind of what you expect from the title but I had a really good time reading this because I miss this show so and it hits the right notes.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The First Year After the Sisterhood (Tibby/Brian, Tibby/Lena, mentions Lena/Leo and Lena/Kostos, 13,905 words, PG-13) This was beautiful. I personally saw the movies and I really enjoy them because I can't think of that many movies about the friendship between artistic or driven teenage girls that pass the Bechdel Test. This fic is about what follows the second movie - I loved how detailed this was, how deep the author went into each personality and I was very interested in what Lena and Tibby were doing artistically and it was lovely to see their friendship blossom as well. Besides, the language is really exquisite at parts, which is always precious.

Finally, I hope everyone has tons of fun this weekend - I love Hallowe'en and wish I could dress up & play properly. I also wish I had more spooky recs for you this week but I didn't stumble upon any recently, which is a real shame!
Writers on my flist - wish you all a smashing success with all your Nanowrimo endeavours, and to all, a fabulous month of November :)


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THIS SHOW! You HAVE to watch it, it's such a thing of beauty. I haven't been talking about it as much as I should on my own journal and this is a CRIME. It's so well put together, everything makes sense and falls into place and OMG the cinematography and the plot and the one -liners. It's a seriously Good Show. I love it so much PLEASE WATCH IT SO I CAN SQUEE WITH MORE PEOPLE!

Also, it was nominated for Yuletide. Yuletide, you guys! One of my favourite exchanges. PLEASE pick it up - you know I'm no writer but please please please give this show a chance and join the fandom, please please please. You may watch it all here to your heart's content, I beg of you - DO IT NOW ESPECIALLY (but not only!) if you write fic (I HAVE LOTS OF WRITERS ON MY FLIST I BEG OF YOU I'LL BAKE YOU COOKIES BE VERY NICE TO YOU IN EXCHANGE.) I need fic for this fandom like yesterday.GEN SYBIL, Sybil/Branson, Sybil/Gwen, Sybil/Anna, GEN VIOLET! The possibilities are endless!

Ok so - I love this show. You know what I love most about this show? SYBIL. That's right! And Tom! Crash course - Sybil is the youngest daughter  of someone rich. It's 1912. She's the rebel of the family - SHE'S A FEMINIST. And Branson? BRANSON IS A SOCIALIST. I LOVE THEM BOTH THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL. GO WATCH THIS SHOW NOW. So this is a picspam of Sybil because I find her beautiful and inspirational and because Branson and her are soulmates. Along with Matthew. And Gwen. And Anna. Ok, you can have the rest now but I'm claiming them. Episode Four was amazing, my favourite so far. 



Come on in! )
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This is mostly for myself, so I know what worked. I kind of need a folder actually but until I can purchase one, you're it.

Fish in Foil

On a metal sheet, put a piece of white fish (I think any kind of white fish would do, I had the cheapest I could find, which I think was cod) & randoms of your choice. I surrounded it with cherry tomatoes and a good chunk of canned green beans, 'cause they were there. I don't think using anything that isn't already cooked/doesn't need to be cooked through to be enjoyed would work. 
Drizzle with olive oil and add dried herbs of choice - I think I sprinkled dried shallots, parsley and thyme. Throw in a slice of lemon if you're feeling fancy, wrap it all up, toss on a oven-safe dish and stuff into your oven. Check after 20 minutes (mine took 30 mins but it was a very extravagant piece of fish) and remove when the fish is white inside.

I Need Garlic Bread Now

Grab a loaf of bread and cut into slices. Mix some garlic cloves, fresh parsley (mine was dying in the fridge so it was really a rescue mission) and a good chunk of butter till it's a spread. Spread on slices and stuff into your oven for about 10 minutes. This took me fifteen minutes from idea to mouth.

Apples and Bananas Made a Little Less Boring

Slice an apple and a banana, sprinkle cinnamon on top, toss & eat :)

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Would anyone be interested in swapping sweets/candy with me? :) A small envelope will do, I'm not talking a huge parcel here. Just something nice and tasty to get in the mail. Stole the idea from Yuletide's Candy Extravaganza. I'm thinking of a one-off thing, $5 of sweets tops, really.

You may comment here or PM me directly :) I don't think I'll get more than one reply, if any, but I can only afford postage to one person so I'll pick at random should there be more interest.

ETA: Found a swapping buddy :) Thanks for reading!
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If you think the recent Marie Claire article 'Should Fatties Get a Room? (Even on TV)' made sense, then by all means say so now so I can unfriend you & so we can save each other a lot of time.

I just unfriended (and blocked from Twitter) someone who thought the article had a point, and I'll unfriend anyone else who does so. I find it depressing that fat phobia seems to be one of the most persistent and consistent phobias out there as it remains unchallenged every day and I refuse to pretend to be friendly to people who still think there's a moral judgment to be had each time a fat person shows up in their lives, or god forbid, on their television set.

This is as important to me as any other area of systematic oppression. If you're fat phobic, transphobic, homophobic, racist, ableist, classist or sexist and are doing nothing about it* - get out. And get out now or I'll kick you out myself.

Comments are wide open - I was serious about unfriending. 

*Someone pointed out that a lot of people might not recognize themselves in this description and would think it doesn't apply to them, which is why I added 'and are doing nothing about it'. The thing is - be aware of your shortcomings and work on them/be willing to work on them.

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1. Okay, very quickly - [ profile] polyship sign-ups are open till - gasp! - tomorrow so head over there now if you're interested in an exchange of fanworks with polyamory characters. They accept art, fanfic, vidding, icons, wallpapers, fanmixes. Unfortunately it's not the place for original fiction. All fandoms and ratings welcome.

All fandoms, all polyships and all fanwork types welcome! [Info & Rules] [Sign-up] [Promo Banners]

2. I want to talk about ABC's TV show Huge which aired this summer. I only found out about it two days ago. Never mind the fail. First two shout-outs: thank you Jamie for your introductory post about this series which put it on my radar and also, FRITH IF YOU READ THIS WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE SHOW? (I stalked my flist's profiles to see if anyone had caught it before and saw you had). You may comment here if you wish or send me a PM with your thoughts.

This is an open invitation - if any of you want to talk about the show with me but not in a public comment, feel free to PM me.

On to the show now - what is Huge?

Huge is a drama about 'teens sent to a summer weight-loss camp called Camp Victory.' Now I don't know about you but when I saw the poster, featuring Nikki Blonsky (who plays one of the main characters, Will and by the way I find Nikki gorgeous but that's shallow of me :p) in which she looks awkward and uncomfortable and when I saw the premise, I wondered what the hell inspired anyone to create a show that was obviously going to beat up fictional characters for being fat instead of fucking learning from the fat acceptance movement once and for all.

I was wrong. The pilot is ridiculous and buys into every cliché imaginable - the kids are made to give up their food and food is pinpointed as the enemy, which had me shake my head in horror. But then the show turned out to be a little more. The creators' idea was not to set the show in a fat camp (I'm using fat throughout this post as a reclaiming of the adjective - fad doesn't mean bad and fat doesn't mean unhealthy. Fat means fat) just for the sake of having these characters be ashamed of themselves, it's set in a fat camp so from the word go weight is no longer something different and it's about the rest of it. The entire cast of teenagers is fat, which makes Huge a seriously refreshing show that's doing a lot for representation of fat people on TV in fiction. There are no tokens in this show.

I was really impressed with Huge. I saw all 10 episodes of the first season and really cared about each character and each storyline. It revolves a lot around romance and you know how bored I am when watching romance but I wasn't here. It was just so well-done.


1. Even if the show itself seems to condone the whole 'lose weight and be a better person' mindset, Will, who's a rebellious sarcastic teen, is THE voice of fat acceptance activists. I LOVE her character. She refuses to buy into this bullshit. She refuses to believe that fat is bad and that you can't be healthy at any size. If you need a little inspiration in your life, watch Will, that's all I'm going to say.

2. Becca. Becca is a geek. I love Becca so much. She loves books and LARPing (Live-action role-playing, in which she plays a warrior princess). She loves runes. She's an amazing friend. I completely fell for her character.

3. Alistair - OH MY GOD ALISTAIR. I can't begin to explain the beauty that is Alistair. Alistair is queer. He's a genuinely nice character who lives in his own world and is pretty much oblivious to anything that's not genuinely nice like him. You just have to see it. He doesn't label, he takes people for what they are and takes himself for what he is. I found this character very touching.
Actually, talking about sexuality - the only out asexual character is one of the characters who's not fat. Apart from the fact that asexuality actually exists in this show (this is so rare), YAY @ the idea that fat people have no sexuaity whatsoever being flushed down the toilet.

4. This is co-written by Winnie Holzman, who created the wonderful, jaw-droppingly awesome My So-Called Life, the most realistic show about adolescence ever. She's written this show with her daughter. I really love Winnie, she has a sensibility I found nowhere else on television. Everything she touches is real and genuine and graceful. Her characters are eccentric, never stereotypes and Huge is no exception. It's eccentric, it's quirky, which makes it disarmingly charming.

5. This show is making a statement. I didn't think any screenwriter out there would ever create something like Huge, because you kind of lose faith after a while. It's like when they announce 'a lesbian show' or 'a bisexual book' (lol that never happened, bisexuals are so invisible in fiction, but this is another debate). You're hungry for it, you can't wait, and then you can't help but turn each page or watch each new episode with apprehension because obviously they're going to get it wrong at some point and any way we're just better off with fanfic. Give this show a chance. It's a subtle thing that deserves attention and recognition for what it's doing.

You may watch the 10 episodes of the first season HERE (I'm linking you to streaming links) or straight on Hulu or ABC Family for those of you living in the US.

It's a tiny fandom but we have a comm - join us over at - [ profile] huge_deal.

Now - the show has just been cancelled, which was the whole point of Jamie's post. She linked to two things - this and this. I'd be very very sorry to see this show go. I can't believe they're letting it go, actually. Please save it if you like it. I can't do much as it's not even being aired here.
While you're at it, you can read this very good interview with Savannah Dooley, who created the show.

If you want a primer on fat acceptance, feel free to read this post over at [ profile] ontd_feminism , which is one of my favourite communities.
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Is anyone watching Lip Service? I need to talk about this show so bad. One episode and I'm already addicted. It's really really hot and more realistic than the average, I think. Did I mention hot? I care about them, can't help it.
I like this quote by Ruta, who plays one of the leads:

'I think the big difference between The L Word and Lip Service is that The L Word kind of tackles major lesbian issues, whereas this show is about three lesbians living in Glasgow and just their general lives. And obviously, it's not quite as glitzy as LA – they don't have the money. '

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I'm settling for a new episode of Downton Abbey (this show is mad!) but before then I want to rec two stories I just read that were written for the Bechdel Test Fic-a-thon. You can find the masterlist here - please check it as my fandoms are not your fandoms, as per usual.

Gilmore Girls
The Olympics of Average (Paris, Rory, G) - you know my love for Rory and Paris dialog and this fic absolutely nails it. Paris and Rory arguing about who's the most average. It's hilarious and could have been a missing moment. It's got discussion on hair privilege. Just go check it out, it's seriously wonderful.

Pride and Prejudice
Poor Prospects (Caroline, Elizabeth, G) - such impeccable voices too. This is a very funny story about reading, amongst other things. Go read it and here's a quote by Caroline to lure you in: 'Good Lord, I should say not. I try to confine myself to works of substance. Poetry, and history. Novels are so mundane. Useless prattle designed to render simple minds even smaller.' :)

I'm off now, have a great week, you all!

Charles and Fitzwilliam, from here :)
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Hope you're all doing well and that at least some of you checked out Boardwalk Empire, the new HBO show. We're two episodes in and so far so good, though I'm still waiting to be blown away, it remains entertaining television.

I have quite a few things I'm excited about, both on TV and on the silver screen. It's mostly a list for myself but it'd be lovely to have some company to squee with!


Made in Dagenham - 60s female workers strike in the UK for equal pay. Stars wonderful cast, including Sally Hawkins and Rosamund Pike, both of whom I adore. Very nice interview with the director and Rosamund here.

Never Let Me Go - seems I've been waiting for this one for over a decade but really only since it's been in production. I stalk Carey Mulligan's IMDB page so I've been wanting to see this since about 2008. I can already tell it's a film I'll want in DVD. I've seen many clips and interviews and it looks brilliant.

Tamara Drewe - I wasn't very keen on seeing this one but the reviews have been great so I want to give it a try. I do like Gemma Arterton a lot. She's done a nice interview recently which made me love her even more. It's here (yeah I know, Daily Fail but it's a source anyway?). ('I read so many scripts and they're all the same. Either the character is just someone to be in the background or they're there to help the man, to be the love interest')

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
- pretty much for Carey though Shia's so good-looking it'll be a huge bonus.


The Crimson Petal and the White - focused on Victorian-era prostitute Sugar & cast of eccentric characters. Romola Garai and Gillian Anderson are in this, squee.

Downton Abbey - first episode was so good, it's in seven episodes every Sunday evening on ITV1. Good drama. Edwardian England. Commentary on class, funny lines, good script, gorgeous cinematography. Gay subplot with deeply flawed characters, Maggie Smith. 'nuff said. I ALREADY WANT FIC FOR THIS ONE SOMEONE WRITE THOMAS/DUKE THAT SPECIAL SUMMER PLEASE PLEASE I'LL PAY FOR IT. 'A swallow doesn't make a summer'? COME ON I CAN'T BE THE ONLY ONE PICKING UP SEXUAL INNUENDO HERE.

Upstairs Downstairs - soon on BBC One, not sure what this one's about, probably same as above (you know, heirs, money, marriage, bits of Unresolved Sexual Tension, pretty clothes and shots) but it has Eileen Atkins so DO WANT.

Lip Service - drama portraying the life of 20 something lesbians in Glasgow. I'll just wait and see for this one, you don't know until you try I guess. I hope it'll be more like Queer as Folk and less like The L Word.

South Riding - I just ADORE Anna Maxwell Martin whom I haven't seen since Bleak House and she was positively brilliant in that (won a BAFTA for her performance, so well deserved). No idea what it's about.

Christopher and His Kind - 'Christopher Isherwood (played by Matt Smith), escapes repressive English society and his suffocating relationship with his mother, Kathleen (played by Lindsay Duncan), for the decadent – and politically unstable – world of Thirties Berlin.' Looks potentially not boring.

Women in Love - I think this one's got Rosamund Pike again, which is enough for me. And apparently it's about 'sexual awakening at the beginning of the 20th century', which sounds good, whatever that means.

Lots of potential new fandoms, I can't wait!
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The Runaways - You Drive Me Wild

I'm gettin' so hot, I'm cookin' like an oven

Gioia Bruno - From the Inside

I could please myself but I want you

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1. Wow. I really suck at baking. I've baked 5 times in July using only tried and tested recipes with more than 20 raving comments about the results and 3 times I ended up with a hot mess. Today I tried to make sweet potato cake. A good idea in theory, I followed the recipe exactly but it's always the oven that ruins it all. It looks fine before being put in there. Then the outside is close to burnt and the inside is close to raw. My strawberry pie? It looked like a smoothie.
I have plenty of self-confidence but frankly the idea that I apparently can't follow a simple recipe for a dessert is something I'll have to get used to. Let's face it - in all cases, the common factor is yours truly.
I drowned my sorrows in homemade strawberry ice cream (OMG so good, maybe because OMG no oven, duh). I'm a pretty good cook when it comes to savoury food, too. I don't know why desserts elude me this much.
Tip from me to you: if you want me to bring something to a meet-up, make sure there's no oven involved. I can bring dessert, but it'll be a fruit salad.

Parents are in denial. 'Must have been the recipe.' I wish.

2. I have a new fandom: St Trinians. It's basically anarchy at a boarding school for girls, Roald Dahl-style. Watched the 2007 movie today, it was brill. Also, it's got more femslash potential than D.E.B.S. and the Gryffindor's girls room combined. I have a confession to make: I'm a huge closeted boarding school stories addict. Uniforms and rules and hierarchy and confined spaces and whispers and friendship and more, count me in, in, in. I'd have lost my mind had I gone to one but I'd take any story with the setting.
I'm watching the second movie tonight. Apparently there are good fics for the fandom, I can't wait!

3. I have a fanfic to rec:

Gilmore Girls
Whither (Rory/Paris, Luke, PG) Hilarious. I've never read a fic that gets Paris's voice so well.

And a crazy one as well:

Mortal Kombat: Disney Princesses - It's not crack and it's good, I promise ;)
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Burn Notice. Burn Notice. Burn Notice. 
The best show you're not watching.
5 minutes into the pilot and I was hooked. I've now reached 1x03 and three more seasons to go. Life is good.
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Title: Gone Wild
Rating/Warnings: PG
Characters/Pairing: Rory/Paris
Summary: Kissing Rory was intellectual curiosity. Set the night after the kiss in 4x17 Girls Gone Wild and Boys Doin' the Twist.
Word Count: 643
Author's Notes: Story written for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon and originally posted here. The prompt was 'Paris/Rory, intellectual curiosity'.

Gone Wild )
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Title: We Were Briefed on This
Rating/Warnings: PG
Characters/Pairing: Mrs Landingham, Margaret
Summary: Mrs Landingham tries to get the job done after she hears of the shooting at Roslyn. Missing moment from 2x01 In the Shadow of Two Gunmen Part 1.
Word Count: 795
Author's Notes: Story written for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon and originally posted here. The prompt was 'Mrs Landingham, getting the job done'.

We Were Briefed on This )
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Woohoo! I just spent my morning reading & writing for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon. Here are my recommendations in my fandoms. However, I URGE you to browse the delicious account, AWESOMELADYFEST@DELICIOUS by fandom (on the right, you'll find a sidebar with a category, 'fandom', and a list of the fandoms represented) because obviously my fandoms are not your fandoms. 
For those new to ficathons, they work like this: anybody can post a prompt as a new comment focusing on one or several female characters in any fandom and anybody can fill any prompt they like (you don't have to post any prompt to fill one and you don't have to write to post a prompt) - you fill a prompt by replying to it so basically it all takes place in the comments). Very low-pressure so don't walk, run.

I will add these recommendations to my master list of fic and fanart recs. If you write at all, do consider browsing a bit to fill a prompt. I filled two which I'll be posting on this journal today. I'll be back later this week with my recommendations from an awesome fest, [info]femgenficathon , so stay tuned for good fic!

An Education
Wiser (Jenny, PG) by [info]uptheapples 
We Can't Say Much for Innocence (Jenny/Danny, NC-17) by [info]snapdragonrose 

A Room With a View
Lust for Life (Lucy, G) by [info]chaletian 

It Seems My Hand is Growing Weak (Briony, PG) by [info]sophieisgod 

Gilmore Girls
A Perfect Haircut Every Day (Lane, PG) by [info]uptheapples 

Harry Potter
It's Not a Joke (Tonks, Mad-Eye, PG-13) by [info]trovia 

Mad Men
Making It (Peggy, PG) by [info]tasukigirl 

Never Let Me Go
We Could Never Haved Loved the Earth So Well (Kathy, G) by [info]girlintheattic 

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