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This is mostly for myself, so I know what worked. I kind of need a folder actually but until I can purchase one, you're it.

Fish in Foil

On a metal sheet, put a piece of white fish (I think any kind of white fish would do, I had the cheapest I could find, which I think was cod) & randoms of your choice. I surrounded it with cherry tomatoes and a good chunk of canned green beans, 'cause they were there. I don't think using anything that isn't already cooked/doesn't need to be cooked through to be enjoyed would work. 
Drizzle with olive oil and add dried herbs of choice - I think I sprinkled dried shallots, parsley and thyme. Throw in a slice of lemon if you're feeling fancy, wrap it all up, toss on a oven-safe dish and stuff into your oven. Check after 20 minutes (mine took 30 mins but it was a very extravagant piece of fish) and remove when the fish is white inside.

I Need Garlic Bread Now

Grab a loaf of bread and cut into slices. Mix some garlic cloves, fresh parsley (mine was dying in the fridge so it was really a rescue mission) and a good chunk of butter till it's a spread. Spread on slices and stuff into your oven for about 10 minutes. This took me fifteen minutes from idea to mouth.

Apples and Bananas Made a Little Less Boring

Slice an apple and a banana, sprinkle cinnamon on top, toss & eat :)

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Would anyone be interested in swapping sweets/candy with me? :) A small envelope will do, I'm not talking a huge parcel here. Just something nice and tasty to get in the mail. Stole the idea from Yuletide's Candy Extravaganza. I'm thinking of a one-off thing, $5 of sweets tops, really.

You may comment here or PM me directly :) I don't think I'll get more than one reply, if any, but I can only afford postage to one person so I'll pick at random should there be more interest.

ETA: Found a swapping buddy :) Thanks for reading!
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1. Wow. I really suck at baking. I've baked 5 times in July using only tried and tested recipes with more than 20 raving comments about the results and 3 times I ended up with a hot mess. Today I tried to make sweet potato cake. A good idea in theory, I followed the recipe exactly but it's always the oven that ruins it all. It looks fine before being put in there. Then the outside is close to burnt and the inside is close to raw. My strawberry pie? It looked like a smoothie.
I have plenty of self-confidence but frankly the idea that I apparently can't follow a simple recipe for a dessert is something I'll have to get used to. Let's face it - in all cases, the common factor is yours truly.
I drowned my sorrows in homemade strawberry ice cream (OMG so good, maybe because OMG no oven, duh). I'm a pretty good cook when it comes to savoury food, too. I don't know why desserts elude me this much.
Tip from me to you: if you want me to bring something to a meet-up, make sure there's no oven involved. I can bring dessert, but it'll be a fruit salad.

Parents are in denial. 'Must have been the recipe.' I wish.

2. I have a new fandom: St Trinians. It's basically anarchy at a boarding school for girls, Roald Dahl-style. Watched the 2007 movie today, it was brill. Also, it's got more femslash potential than D.E.B.S. and the Gryffindor's girls room combined. I have a confession to make: I'm a huge closeted boarding school stories addict. Uniforms and rules and hierarchy and confined spaces and whispers and friendship and more, count me in, in, in. I'd have lost my mind had I gone to one but I'd take any story with the setting.
I'm watching the second movie tonight. Apparently there are good fics for the fandom, I can't wait!

3. I have a fanfic to rec:

Gilmore Girls
Whither (Rory/Paris, Luke, PG) Hilarious. I've never read a fic that gets Paris's voice so well.

And a crazy one as well:

Mortal Kombat: Disney Princesses - It's not crack and it's good, I promise ;)
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How are you all?

I have a few great things to recommend:
A Recipe

Fresh Spring Salad with Honey Vinaigrette

From here
Do it! I had it for dinner yesterday and today I had the leftovers in a baguette for a sandwich. It's so good. Chicken marinated in soy sauce & tons of veggies for a scrumptious salad with a honey vinaigrette (best dressing ever, I promise you). Marinating food takes two seconds to do and always gives the best result. It's really excellent and super easy to make.


A Book

Gods Behaving Badly - Marie Phillips

Nom nom this book was like a spicy dessert. The Ancient Greece gods are all alive and well and living in London today. They're bored. They have sex & take revenge on each other but mostly they are bored. There's nobody left to worship them since the arrival of Christianity & they have to get jobs to avoid getting bored to the point of madness. Aphrodite is a phone-sex worker. Apollo works for the telly. Artemis walks dogs every day. Hermes is a DJ. Two mortals cross their path & chaos ensues.
Really funny, light & sexy book I couldn't put down. Highly recommended! I'll be following this author for sure.


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