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Hope you're all doing well and that at least some of you checked out Boardwalk Empire, the new HBO show. We're two episodes in and so far so good, though I'm still waiting to be blown away, it remains entertaining television.

I have quite a few things I'm excited about, both on TV and on the silver screen. It's mostly a list for myself but it'd be lovely to have some company to squee with!


Made in Dagenham - 60s female workers strike in the UK for equal pay. Stars wonderful cast, including Sally Hawkins and Rosamund Pike, both of whom I adore. Very nice interview with the director and Rosamund here.

Never Let Me Go - seems I've been waiting for this one for over a decade but really only since it's been in production. I stalk Carey Mulligan's IMDB page so I've been wanting to see this since about 2008. I can already tell it's a film I'll want in DVD. I've seen many clips and interviews and it looks brilliant.

Tamara Drewe - I wasn't very keen on seeing this one but the reviews have been great so I want to give it a try. I do like Gemma Arterton a lot. She's done a nice interview recently which made me love her even more. It's here (yeah I know, Daily Fail but it's a source anyway?). ('I read so many scripts and they're all the same. Either the character is just someone to be in the background or they're there to help the man, to be the love interest')

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
- pretty much for Carey though Shia's so good-looking it'll be a huge bonus.


The Crimson Petal and the White - focused on Victorian-era prostitute Sugar & cast of eccentric characters. Romola Garai and Gillian Anderson are in this, squee.

Downton Abbey - first episode was so good, it's in seven episodes every Sunday evening on ITV1. Good drama. Edwardian England. Commentary on class, funny lines, good script, gorgeous cinematography. Gay subplot with deeply flawed characters, Maggie Smith. 'nuff said. I ALREADY WANT FIC FOR THIS ONE SOMEONE WRITE THOMAS/DUKE THAT SPECIAL SUMMER PLEASE PLEASE I'LL PAY FOR IT. 'A swallow doesn't make a summer'? COME ON I CAN'T BE THE ONLY ONE PICKING UP SEXUAL INNUENDO HERE.

Upstairs Downstairs - soon on BBC One, not sure what this one's about, probably same as above (you know, heirs, money, marriage, bits of Unresolved Sexual Tension, pretty clothes and shots) but it has Eileen Atkins so DO WANT.

Lip Service - drama portraying the life of 20 something lesbians in Glasgow. I'll just wait and see for this one, you don't know until you try I guess. I hope it'll be more like Queer as Folk and less like The L Word.

South Riding - I just ADORE Anna Maxwell Martin whom I haven't seen since Bleak House and she was positively brilliant in that (won a BAFTA for her performance, so well deserved). No idea what it's about.

Christopher and His Kind - 'Christopher Isherwood (played by Matt Smith), escapes repressive English society and his suffocating relationship with his mother, Kathleen (played by Lindsay Duncan), for the decadent – and politically unstable – world of Thirties Berlin.' Looks potentially not boring.

Women in Love - I think this one's got Rosamund Pike again, which is enough for me. And apparently it's about 'sexual awakening at the beginning of the 20th century', which sounds good, whatever that means.

Lots of potential new fandoms, I can't wait!
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1. Wow. I really suck at baking. I've baked 5 times in July using only tried and tested recipes with more than 20 raving comments about the results and 3 times I ended up with a hot mess. Today I tried to make sweet potato cake. A good idea in theory, I followed the recipe exactly but it's always the oven that ruins it all. It looks fine before being put in there. Then the outside is close to burnt and the inside is close to raw. My strawberry pie? It looked like a smoothie.
I have plenty of self-confidence but frankly the idea that I apparently can't follow a simple recipe for a dessert is something I'll have to get used to. Let's face it - in all cases, the common factor is yours truly.
I drowned my sorrows in homemade strawberry ice cream (OMG so good, maybe because OMG no oven, duh). I'm a pretty good cook when it comes to savoury food, too. I don't know why desserts elude me this much.
Tip from me to you: if you want me to bring something to a meet-up, make sure there's no oven involved. I can bring dessert, but it'll be a fruit salad.

Parents are in denial. 'Must have been the recipe.' I wish.

2. I have a new fandom: St Trinians. It's basically anarchy at a boarding school for girls, Roald Dahl-style. Watched the 2007 movie today, it was brill. Also, it's got more femslash potential than D.E.B.S. and the Gryffindor's girls room combined. I have a confession to make: I'm a huge closeted boarding school stories addict. Uniforms and rules and hierarchy and confined spaces and whispers and friendship and more, count me in, in, in. I'd have lost my mind had I gone to one but I'd take any story with the setting.
I'm watching the second movie tonight. Apparently there are good fics for the fandom, I can't wait!

3. I have a fanfic to rec:

Gilmore Girls
Whither (Rory/Paris, Luke, PG) Hilarious. I've never read a fic that gets Paris's voice so well.

And a crazy one as well:

Mortal Kombat: Disney Princesses - It's not crack and it's good, I promise ;)

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