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A Note: I'm very gen-centric. Romance for the most part really bores me. My tastes are reflected here.
deconstructing canon & making it your own, new subversive points of view & casting a new light on little-developed corners )
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Fanfiction recs! Squee! I keep my master list up-to-date, mostly, so don't hesitate to head over there if you want more recommendations sorted by fandoms. In fandom news, I'm really excited about Yuletide because some of my favourite obscures have been nominated - Downton Abbey, Lip Service, Boardwalk Empire, and even Fidelis Morgan's awesome & hilarious Restoration mysteries series (talk about small fandom, I thought I was the only addict!) . You may see the entire list here and eagerly await with me.
In the meantime...


Mrs Stanwood's Birthday Party (Poirot/Hastings, G, 20,000+ words) This reads like another Christie book, to put it plainly. Even if ultimately it's about Hastings and Poirot (and that was very well-written), I loved Edna in this, she's a really awesome female character and I was very pleasantly surprised to see the mystery enfold. Very clever.

The Wire
Five Ways Omar Remembers Brandon (Omar/Brandon, NC-17, 2010 words) Omar was the best thing about The Wire (though the show itself was kind of the best thing about television too so we're talking quality anyway). It's a simple fic, kind of what you expect from the title but I had a really good time reading this because I miss this show so and it hits the right notes.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The First Year After the Sisterhood (Tibby/Brian, Tibby/Lena, mentions Lena/Leo and Lena/Kostos, 13,905 words, PG-13) This was beautiful. I personally saw the movies and I really enjoy them because I can't think of that many movies about the friendship between artistic or driven teenage girls that pass the Bechdel Test. This fic is about what follows the second movie - I loved how detailed this was, how deep the author went into each personality and I was very interested in what Lena and Tibby were doing artistically and it was lovely to see their friendship blossom as well. Besides, the language is really exquisite at parts, which is always precious.

Finally, I hope everyone has tons of fun this weekend - I love Hallowe'en and wish I could dress up & play properly. I also wish I had more spooky recs for you this week but I didn't stumble upon any recently, which is a real shame!
Writers on my flist - wish you all a smashing success with all your Nanowrimo endeavours, and to all, a fabulous month of November :)


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I'm settling for a new episode of Downton Abbey (this show is mad!) but before then I want to rec two stories I just read that were written for the Bechdel Test Fic-a-thon. You can find the masterlist here - please check it as my fandoms are not your fandoms, as per usual.

Gilmore Girls
The Olympics of Average (Paris, Rory, G) - you know my love for Rory and Paris dialog and this fic absolutely nails it. Paris and Rory arguing about who's the most average. It's hilarious and could have been a missing moment. It's got discussion on hair privilege. Just go check it out, it's seriously wonderful.

Pride and Prejudice
Poor Prospects (Caroline, Elizabeth, G) - such impeccable voices too. This is a very funny story about reading, amongst other things. Go read it and here's a quote by Caroline to lure you in: 'Good Lord, I should say not. I try to confine myself to works of substance. Poetry, and history. Novels are so mundane. Useless prattle designed to render simple minds even smaller.' :)

I'm off now, have a great week, you all!

Charles and Fitzwilliam, from here :)
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1. Wow. I really suck at baking. I've baked 5 times in July using only tried and tested recipes with more than 20 raving comments about the results and 3 times I ended up with a hot mess. Today I tried to make sweet potato cake. A good idea in theory, I followed the recipe exactly but it's always the oven that ruins it all. It looks fine before being put in there. Then the outside is close to burnt and the inside is close to raw. My strawberry pie? It looked like a smoothie.
I have plenty of self-confidence but frankly the idea that I apparently can't follow a simple recipe for a dessert is something I'll have to get used to. Let's face it - in all cases, the common factor is yours truly.
I drowned my sorrows in homemade strawberry ice cream (OMG so good, maybe because OMG no oven, duh). I'm a pretty good cook when it comes to savoury food, too. I don't know why desserts elude me this much.
Tip from me to you: if you want me to bring something to a meet-up, make sure there's no oven involved. I can bring dessert, but it'll be a fruit salad.

Parents are in denial. 'Must have been the recipe.' I wish.

2. I have a new fandom: St Trinians. It's basically anarchy at a boarding school for girls, Roald Dahl-style. Watched the 2007 movie today, it was brill. Also, it's got more femslash potential than D.E.B.S. and the Gryffindor's girls room combined. I have a confession to make: I'm a huge closeted boarding school stories addict. Uniforms and rules and hierarchy and confined spaces and whispers and friendship and more, count me in, in, in. I'd have lost my mind had I gone to one but I'd take any story with the setting.
I'm watching the second movie tonight. Apparently there are good fics for the fandom, I can't wait!

3. I have a fanfic to rec:

Gilmore Girls
Whither (Rory/Paris, Luke, PG) Hilarious. I've never read a fic that gets Paris's voice so well.

And a crazy one as well:

Mortal Kombat: Disney Princesses - It's not crack and it's good, I promise ;)
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Woohoo! I just spent my morning reading & writing for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon. Here are my recommendations in my fandoms. However, I URGE you to browse the delicious account, AWESOMELADYFEST@DELICIOUS by fandom (on the right, you'll find a sidebar with a category, 'fandom', and a list of the fandoms represented) because obviously my fandoms are not your fandoms. 
For those new to ficathons, they work like this: anybody can post a prompt as a new comment focusing on one or several female characters in any fandom and anybody can fill any prompt they like (you don't have to post any prompt to fill one and you don't have to write to post a prompt) - you fill a prompt by replying to it so basically it all takes place in the comments). Very low-pressure so don't walk, run.

I will add these recommendations to my master list of fic and fanart recs. If you write at all, do consider browsing a bit to fill a prompt. I filled two which I'll be posting on this journal today. I'll be back later this week with my recommendations from an awesome fest, [info]femgenficathon , so stay tuned for good fic!

An Education
Wiser (Jenny, PG) by [info]uptheapples 
We Can't Say Much for Innocence (Jenny/Danny, NC-17) by [info]snapdragonrose 

A Room With a View
Lust for Life (Lucy, G) by [info]chaletian 

It Seems My Hand is Growing Weak (Briony, PG) by [info]sophieisgod 

Gilmore Girls
A Perfect Haircut Every Day (Lane, PG) by [info]uptheapples 

Harry Potter
It's Not a Joke (Tonks, Mad-Eye, PG-13) by [info]trovia 

Mad Men
Making It (Peggy, PG) by [info]tasukigirl 

Never Let Me Go
We Could Never Haved Loved the Earth So Well (Kathy, G) by [info]girlintheattic 
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I've been reading a lot of fanfictions these days. Harry Potter remains my main fandom if only for the sheer amount of fanworks produced for it but really I love my other fandoms just as much. If you know these stories' canon at all, do consider giving them a chance. They're excellent.

The Thin Man

Christmas in Normandie (Nick/Nora, PG). It should come as no surprise that The Thin Man is one of my very favourite movie series. I pinched it over at [ profile] fandom_of_one (which is a really good comm, with a newsletter promoting fanworks in tiny fandoms and a space to pimp your small fandom, do consider joining!) and was linked to what is, I believe, the only Thin Man fanfic ever. And it's so good, too! What really makes the show for me is the dialog and the impeccable delivery - here it's smart and witty and the banter is completely in-character and delicious. What a find!

Tipping the Velvet

No Man (Diana, PG-13) by [ profile] miss_morland . Diana is a fascinating character in her own right, a character you know the author has really thought about and whose story has been carefully shelved because it'd slow down the plot. This is a fic that bridges this gap & gives us a glimpse into Diana's world of upper-class lesbians. The writing is very good, too! I found it when browsing [ profile] lgbtfest .

Harry Potter

Out on the Run with No Place to Hide (Charlie, a bit of brief Charlie/Tonks with a twist, PG) Charlie coming out. It's a very small fic. I can't remember where I found it. In any case it's got a delicious scene with Tonks (with a twist, go have a look for yourself!) which I thought was plenty inventive, even though the end of the fic is a little unrealistic for my taste.

I'm currently in the process of compiling a master list of all my fanfic & fanart recommendations for various fandoms. I'll probably post it as a sticky later today.
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Line Up! by [ profile] wwmrsweasleydo  (Ensemble cast but focus Charlie, G). It's a very clever fic with all the adults in Charlie's life ordering him around as a kid. I've never read a fic quite like this one, I thought the idea of having separate scenes just told with the adults' talking was very original and ended up being hilarious. Highly recommended for something fresh and new.

Taken from the Correspondence of Percy Weasley by [ profile] wwmrsweasleydo (Percy/Penelope, PG). Some of the letters written by Percy to Penelope over the summer at the start of CoS. Very in-character (down to the sexist bits that made me cringe) and very funny at times. So much so that it's now part of my personal canon.

Jolly Good Fellow by [ profile] allie_potter  (Justin, Ernie, Hannah, Harry & other Gryffindors but strong focus on the Hufflepuffs, G). I really loved this piece, which is a nice counterpoint to the Gryffindor point of view in the novels. Also, I'm such a huge fan of missing moment fics. The author really manages to show how much it took Justin to go apologize to Harry in CoS, while underlining some differences between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. I value every house and it's always nice to see a new light cast on a well-known moment while really developing canon. The characters are all very well-written, too. A little gem of a fic, not to be missed.


Hufflepuff - The Party House by Scorch-D (Hufflepuff students, G) The art is exceptionally good and I thought it was nice to find this piece the same day I found Jolly Good Fellow for they both focus on Hufflepuff and highlight unsuspected qualities.

Since we're on the topic of houses, may I recommend [ profile] clever_claws , which is, to my knowledge, the only community devoted to fanworks around a specific house. The fics posted there (I've yet to see art) are often refreshing (again, because this point of view is unexpected) and  food for thought (because of counterpoints and missing moments seen differently). If anyone knows of one devoted to Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Slytherin, do let me know!

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