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+ Have you read my profile? Please don't add me if you have any problem with the 'Sibylle' section - it's me, take it or leave it.

+ This journal is semi-friends only. Fandom posts are public and feel free to drop me a note here if you added me to follow those. My personal life is personal and therefore only my friends have access to it (I grant this access myself on a case-by-case basis, there's no need to ask for it.). I recommend a lot of fanfictions (they all go on my master list at some point), I talk about TV shows (see profile for which ones) & about stuff I care about (again - see profile for more extensive overview).

+ Every day is amnesty day here - if you want to unfriend me at any time, do so, and please understand that I'll do the same if I feel we don't have enough in common.

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by fandom & genre

A Note: I'm very gen-centric. Romance for the most part really bores me. My tastes are reflected here.
deconstructing canon & making it your own, new subversive points of view & casting a new light on little-developed corners )

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