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This is mostly for myself, so I know what worked. I kind of need a folder actually but until I can purchase one, you're it.

Fish in Foil

On a metal sheet, put a piece of white fish (I think any kind of white fish would do, I had the cheapest I could find, which I think was cod) & randoms of your choice. I surrounded it with cherry tomatoes and a good chunk of canned green beans, 'cause they were there. I don't think using anything that isn't already cooked/doesn't need to be cooked through to be enjoyed would work. 
Drizzle with olive oil and add dried herbs of choice - I think I sprinkled dried shallots, parsley and thyme. Throw in a slice of lemon if you're feeling fancy, wrap it all up, toss on a oven-safe dish and stuff into your oven. Check after 20 minutes (mine took 30 mins but it was a very extravagant piece of fish) and remove when the fish is white inside.

I Need Garlic Bread Now

Grab a loaf of bread and cut into slices. Mix some garlic cloves, fresh parsley (mine was dying in the fridge so it was really a rescue mission) and a good chunk of butter till it's a spread. Spread on slices and stuff into your oven for about 10 minutes. This took me fifteen minutes from idea to mouth.

Apples and Bananas Made a Little Less Boring

Slice an apple and a banana, sprinkle cinnamon on top, toss & eat :)

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