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I'm settling for a new episode of Downton Abbey (this show is mad!) but before then I want to rec two stories I just read that were written for the Bechdel Test Fic-a-thon. You can find the masterlist here - please check it as my fandoms are not your fandoms, as per usual.

Gilmore Girls
The Olympics of Average (Paris, Rory, G) - you know my love for Rory and Paris dialog and this fic absolutely nails it. Paris and Rory arguing about who's the most average. It's hilarious and could have been a missing moment. It's got discussion on hair privilege. Just go check it out, it's seriously wonderful.

Pride and Prejudice
Poor Prospects (Caroline, Elizabeth, G) - such impeccable voices too. This is a very funny story about reading, amongst other things. Go read it and here's a quote by Caroline to lure you in: 'Good Lord, I should say not. I try to confine myself to works of substance. Poetry, and history. Novels are so mundane. Useless prattle designed to render simple minds even smaller.' :)

I'm off now, have a great week, you all!

Charles and Fitzwilliam, from here :)
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