Aug. 1st, 2010

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I've been reading a lot of fanfictions these days. Harry Potter remains my main fandom if only for the sheer amount of fanworks produced for it but really I love my other fandoms just as much. If you know these stories' canon at all, do consider giving them a chance. They're excellent.

The Thin Man

Christmas in Normandie (Nick/Nora, PG). It should come as no surprise that The Thin Man is one of my very favourite movie series. I pinched it over at [ profile] fandom_of_one (which is a really good comm, with a newsletter promoting fanworks in tiny fandoms and a space to pimp your small fandom, do consider joining!) and was linked to what is, I believe, the only Thin Man fanfic ever. And it's so good, too! What really makes the show for me is the dialog and the impeccable delivery - here it's smart and witty and the banter is completely in-character and delicious. What a find!

Tipping the Velvet

No Man (Diana, PG-13) by [ profile] miss_morland . Diana is a fascinating character in her own right, a character you know the author has really thought about and whose story has been carefully shelved because it'd slow down the plot. This is a fic that bridges this gap & gives us a glimpse into Diana's world of upper-class lesbians. The writing is very good, too! I found it when browsing [ profile] lgbtfest .

Harry Potter

Out on the Run with No Place to Hide (Charlie, a bit of brief Charlie/Tonks with a twist, PG) Charlie coming out. It's a very small fic. I can't remember where I found it. In any case it's got a delicious scene with Tonks (with a twist, go have a look for yourself!) which I thought was plenty inventive, even though the end of the fic is a little unrealistic for my taste.

I'm currently in the process of compiling a master list of all my fanfic & fanart recommendations for various fandoms. I'll probably post it as a sticky later today.
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Title: Like Mother, Like Daughter?
Rating/Warnings: G
Characters/Pairing: Paris Geller
Summary: Paris is sure of one thing: she doesn't want her mother's life. Set right after the Puff night in 2x07 Like Mother, Like Daughter.
Word Count: 981

Like Mother, Like Daughter? )

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